What We Do

Residential Computing supports students by ensuring they have reliable network access and knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive technical support. We provide in-room, wired Internet connections for every student living in campus housing and support access to campus-provided Wi-Fi throughout all residential locations and on campus. We also work to inform students about the importance of keeping their personal data and devices secure and using legal services to get their music, movies, and other media.

Who We Serve

Our customers include undergraduate and graduate students, family housing residents, and live-in faculty. ResComp’s primary goal is to ensure that our clients can fully utilize network resources for their academic and personal needs. Our staff, primarily made up of Berkeley students, are accessible and available to students through phone, email, and in-person support to help resolve any technical issues that may arise.

Our Services

Support Internet Access

Provide Tech Support

Support Cable TV in Residence Halls

Support Internet Access

Residential Computing ensures that students living in the residence halls and campus apartments have reliable network access through both wired, in-room connections and campus-provided Wi-Fi.

We also provide assistance to all students, including those who do not live in campus housing, so they can successfully access Berkeley Wi-Fi and other network resources. Go to our Get Connected page for more information on how to access available network options on campus and in the residence halls.

Provide Tech Support

If you experience any problems with your computer or Internet connection, ResComp is here to help. Our team of Residential Computing Consultants (RCCs) is dedicated to providing technical support free of charge for all students, and can help with a variety of issues, including:

Security/Virus and MalWare Removal

Network Connectivity

Operating System Troubleshooting

Data Recovery

Device Configuration

Hardware Support


Hardware Support: ResComp will provide limited hardware troubleshooting, but will not be able to access your computer's hardware without a signed liability release and cannot offer hardware replacements.

You can get assistance from ResComp by visiting drop-in office hours (located in each residence hall’s Academic Center and in Moffitt library), calling or emailing our Helpdesk, or by scheduling an appointment for an RCC to come to your dorm room or campus apartment. We also offer in-person support to residents during Fall Move-In in the residence halls by holding office hours and making rounds of each residential location.

Please go to our Support page to learn more about how to get help from ResComp.

Supported Operating Systems: ResComp officially supports Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10, and Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher. Older versions of Mac OS and Windows, including Windows XP, no longer meet the campus minimum security requirements and cannot be supported. We will make our best effort to troubleshoot other operating systems such as LInux or Chrome OS.

Phone Lines: Please note that ResComp does not support phone lines in the residence halls. If you experience problems with your telephone service, the Information Services and Technology department can assist you. Visit for more information.

Support Cable TV in the Residence Halls

ResComp provides and supports cable television in the residence halls. If you experience any problems with your cable TV connection, review our FAQ or contact us at or 642-HELP.

For a current channel listing, we recommend using Zap2It. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Zap2It site and enter your zip code.
    • 94720 for Residence Halls and single-student apartments
    • 94706 for University Village
  2. Select your cable provider.
    • Most residence halls and single-student apartments: Select University of California Berkeley-RSSB - Cable (Berkeley)
    • Clark Kerr: University of California Berkeley-Clark Ke - Cable (Berkeley)
    • Manville: University of California Berkeley-Manville - Cable (Berkeley)
    • University Village: University of California Berkeley-UVA - Cable (Berkeley)

The TV listings for your location will be displayed.


Residential Computing includes a large group of front-line customer support staff (Residential Computing Consultants) as well as teams of senior staff, who are responsible for developing and maintaining systems and applications, providing technology resources to residents, marketing and outreach, and for management and oversight of ResComp's programs and services.

Student Jobs

Thank you for your interest in working for Residential Computing, part of UC Berkeley’s Student Affairs - Information Technologies (SAIT) division! SAIT is powered by a staff of over 100 students who provide both front-line support and work behind the scenes to deliver critical technology services to students and staff.

A Range of Opportunities

SAIT students work in a variety of technical and non-technical roles, including front-line customer service, software development, administrative support, server and systems administration, technical training, and marketing and design. Positions range from entry-level to supervisory and highly technical. We invest in internal recruitment and promotion every year, so there are many chances to advance within the organization and work in leadership roles.

Training and Skills Development

For all our positions, we look for well-rounded candidates who have strong interpersonal skills, can communicate effectively, and who are highly motivated and able to learn and apply new skills quickly. While a technical background or strong interest in technology is important for our more technical positions, we provide training and emphasize learning on the job to help prepare our staff for post-college careers.

Flexible Work Environment

Our student staff enjoy a relaxed, social, and supportive workplace culture in a professional office environment. They are able to work and learn collaboratively and can set their own hours to accommodate class schedules, balancing work with academic demands.

For questions about ResComp and SAIT hiring, email

Open Jobs

Hiring Timeline

Life at Rescomp

Contact Us

For technical support and computer help, please log in to Helpdesk or visit our Support page.

For any other issues, please contact us at the following email addresses:

  • ResComp General Mailbox

    For general inquiries or complaints regarding the Office of Residential Computing, its employees, network, and services.

  • Webmaster

    If you have any questions about the website or have found a problem, please notify us at this address.

  • Human Resources

    For questions or inquiries regarding hiring issues.

  • Abuse Complaints

    For complaints regarding abuse of the network.

  • Security

    For questions regarding security concerns and policy enforcement.